F.A.Q. - All about our courses

Every Monday start new courses for base, middle course, advanced course. See our course calendar.

We will be waiting for you at 10.00 am in the reception of the School.
You will need to make a short written test that will enable us to know your language skills and to enter the most appropriate level (basic course - intermediate course - advanced course).
In the afternoon the students will attend the presentation of the courses and the welcome cocktail.

Italian Language Course (see the various schedules).
The accommodations are near the School;
The afternoon is dedicated to study and homework.

The texts to be used and other teaching materials will be decided by the teaching staff. Also newspapers, magazines, books, films will be used. Audio-visual media (movies, videos, music etc.) are used and active involvement of students with various activities developed within the classes is sought.

No. You can buy books. The cost depends on the book.

The direct method, at all levels, is adopted by the Italian School Ischia, only the Italian language is used. Speaking is the most important part of learning. The continuous stimulus to oral production will allow you to learn Italian naturally by combining theory and practice without great effort and increasing your knowledge quickly, giving you security. You will be encouraged to speak Italian simulating everyday situations, with your teacher and with other students, in pairs or in groups.
From the first levels, the practice of written Italian will be gradually introduced.


Our teachers are highly qualified and have a long experience in teaching.
The School of Ischia is the examination center of the Pegaso Telematics University (certificate of knowledge of the Italian Language) and: certification in the teaching of Italian as a foreign language (www.unipegaso.it )

THE ISCHIA SCHOOL CERTIFICATE: at the end of each course students who have regularly attended the lessons will receive a certificate in which the level of knowledge gained and the course hours will be reported.
The knowledge level is expressed according to the parameters of the Common European Framework (CEF): A1-A2 / B1-B2 / C1-C2. The School is a Pegasus Examination Center for the Pegasus Telematic University of Naples.

The Italian School of Ischia offers 3 different levels of course: basic, medium and advanced.
If you are eager to learn a language and if you study consistently, you can complete the basic level in a few weeks.
At the end of the intermediate level (12 to 15 weeks of study), you will have a good command of the Italian language. You will be safer in the conversation and the range of expressions you will know will be greatly increased, allowing you to use a fairly varied language.


Cultural and extra-curricular programs

The school also organizes:

  • Dinner and convivial evenings Which give students and teachers the opportunity to get to know each other better.
  • Guided tours to historical and artistic sites (see separate programs): Capri, Pompei, Sorrento etc. etc.
  • Projection of Italian Films
  • Excursion Half Day or Full Day.
  • Participation at concerts, theater shows and folkloristic and typical events
  • Visits for food and wine companies
  • Sport activity
  • Shopping Tour in the area's shops

Administrative headquarters
12 Luigi Manzi Street
Casamicciola Terme, 80074
Napoli - Italia
Didactic Headquarters
21 De Gasperi Street
Casamicciola Terme, 80074
Napoli - Italia


Email: info@italianschoolischia.it
Phone: +39 081 994680