The programs of our Italian language courses follow strict guidelines,
outlined by our faculty members and the presidency.

The development plan

It serves to help the student in building a personal development plan, sustaining him in the continuation of his training path.

The interview

After enrollment, the student has an interview with a teacher, based on a previously completed questionnaire in his / her language (mother tongue).

The target

Check the student's characteristics.
Check the language skills.
Decide a student training project.

The lines

Teachers decide, once the classes are formed, the reference program.

The Communication

Language teaching places the student directly in the most frequent communication situations of daily life, with a systematic and gradual reflection on the vocabulary and the structures of the language.

The activities

They propose to the students various didactic activities, based on active and direct involvement that provide for direct contact with the different realities of Ischia Island.


Phonetic study to improve pronunciation: Acquisition of generic and specific lexical terms, with particular attention to idiomatic expressions and phraseology.


In depth study of syntax: developing communication and communication skills through situational dialogues, guided discussions, and free conversations.

Oral production

Development of written and oral understanding by reading, viewing of films. And also knowledge of Italian culture and local customs.


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